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Dwyers Seafood

Dwyers Seafood
Dwyers Seafood

Dwyers Seafood was first established in 1985 by founders Gary and Lois Dwyer. Gary, who had worked as a head chef at several successful establishments took his extensive food knowledge and found a niche market in the Berwick to Pakenham area. Gary and Lois built their first refrigerated vehicle and took the freshest locally sourced fish and seafood to the weighbridge at Officer to see if there was indeed a market for seafood. A business that started as only a weekend project with a small line of boneless and skinless flathead, King Island crays, prawns and Tasmanian scallops grew to a  6 day a week thriving business that sold a great variety of the freshest  Australian seafood. The business grew for the next 17 years and Gary and Lois eventually opened a shop in the Beaconsfield Plaza to cope with the increased demand. The family's passion and dedication for sourcing the freshest Australian and New Zealand seafood were passed down to their daughters. Skye and Renee who took over their business in June 2019. Both girls have the same passion for the business their parents created and bring the same level of knowledge of seafood that has been instilled in them since early childhood. Skye ran her own independent seafood roadside business on the foreshore at Carrum for 10 years and enjoys a trusted relationship with some of Melbourne's most distinguished seafood wholesalers.

The Shop

Dwyers Seafood offers a dedicated customer service team that will help guide you in what seafood is the best suited to your needs, while also offering some helpful cooking advice if needed. Servicing the community with the freshest 

Australian seafood while offering friendly customer service is what the team at Dwyers Seafood pride themselves on.

Dwyers Seafood shop
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